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Spiritual Mummies

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IMAGE Spiritual MummiesEach day, we go about our schedules and routines without really much thought about following the right path. We get busy with family activities, work, business, holidays and parties.

In our lives as Catholic Christians, we want to embark on a journey towards an eternal life of peace and love with Jesus.

However, many of us, even though we go to church weekly, can sometimes operate on auto-pilot, on human nature. We take on the nature of a sinner who indulges in gossip, in discrimination, in putting down those not as educated as we are or those who come from a different cultural background.

We, at times, hide the truth or part of the truth and do something against the Ten Commandments and the New Commandment of Jesus. We can be selfish and uncharitable towards others.

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One Way to ‘Evangelise the Poor’

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IMAGE Poor 29211280020293CcygWhat does it mean to evangelise the poor? In his Angelus address on 24 January, Pope Francis spoke of the church’s mission to bring the Good News to the poor of our society; the oppressed, the sick, the suffering. We do that, explains the Pope, by being close to the poor, serving them and freeing them from oppression “in the name and with the Spirit of Christ”.


Friday, 15 January 2016 17:01

The Call of God to Those Who Do Not Yet Know Him

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IMAGE Eli and SamuelAs I was meditating on Wednesday’s scripture, I was struck by this line in 1 Samuel 3: “Samuel did not yet know the Lord.” Samuel had heard God’s voice, but as he didn’t yet know God, he had assumed the voice belonged to someone else, namely, Eli. Samuel needed the guidance of Eli to show him that it was in fact the Lord God who was speaking to him.


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Being Little

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Madonna with child and angels cropIf there’s anything to learn from the Christmas Babe, it’s the value of being little. Little ways, little things, little steps. How the secret of life is in being little. St Therese of the Child Jesus, or ‘Little Flower’ as she is affectionately known, lived and preached littleness. She described her life as “a little way of spiritual childhood”, living each day with unshakeable confidence in God’s love. She knew that what matters in this life is “not great deeds, but great love.”


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3 Steps Toward Mercy

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IMAGE Pebbles 150x150“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven; give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For the measure you give will be the measure you get back.” (Lk 6:37-38)

Our Jubilee Year of Mercy has begun! As our Pope Francis has indicated, we are now on a journey toward mercy. Mercy is our goal, and the attaining of this goal is like being on a pilgrimage journey. The words of Jesus above set forth the steps on our road to mercy.




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A Grateful Heart

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Grateful HeartIt's Thanksgiving Day today! Many of us whether in the US or not, will join with family and loved ones around this time to celebrate what we are grateful for... turkey and pumpkin pie abounding! Such an occasion, whether it is part of your traditional calendar or not, serves as a useful reminder of the value of gratitude. Following is a short reflection on some of the effects of a grateful heart.

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Jesus Christ... The Face of the Father’s Mercy

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IMAGE Jesus on the CrossEver since I was a young child, I've loved to look at the portrait of Jesus that used to hang in my Grandfather's bedroom, a copy of which I'm now delighted to have in my own room. The portrait is the well known "Head of Christ" by Richard Hook. To me, the artist has captured something of the nature of Christ and made it wonderfully visible. Some of my deepest moments of prayer have been arrived at simply by looking at that face, and seeing the compassion, the gentleness and the love that Jesus has for me and for all humanity.

ICON Resurrection Russian OrthodoxThe month of November is a time of remembrance for both the Church and our wider community. On 11 November, ‘Remembrance Day’, we join together as a Commonwealth Nation to remember our fallen, those who have lost their lives in our service. For the Church, the month of November holds special significance. Beginning with the feasts of All Souls and All Saints and concluding soon after the feast of Christ the King, the entire month marks a time to remember and pray for all our departed faithful.



About 15 years ago you might remember the cartoon movie Shrek was first released. It was voiced by Mike Myers as the Ogre Shrek and Eddie Murphy was the talking donkey, noted for his wisecracks. It also stared Cameron Diaz as the voice of the beautiful princess in need of rescue.



IMAGE A Cross of Candle LightIn one of his Homilies on the family, Pope Francis spoke about three features of a Christian family that make them the salt and light of the world. Even if you are pressed for time and in a hurry, God's light and grace is there.


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Inclusion: Top Priority for People of Goodwill

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IMAGE Baseball R

In our family, weekends are always busy with kids' sports and other courses for the boys. One of my sons just completed his soccer matches and had his presentation last week. The other day, he started baseball. It was an interesting match – I even thought the opposing team won! I was surprised to know that my son's team actually won convincingly with 14:2. The score was not very surprising considering they were their age champions last season. This may show my ineptitude for sports but I was distracted by a few things, all in the spirit of multi-tasking.


IMAGE Don BoscoJesus was always telling stories in his lifetime. He realised early that telling stories is the best way to get people's attention and to share his message.

As evangelisers, one of the ways we share our faith is by telling stories ... on the life of Jesus and the lives of Saints. We are inspired by the lives of the people who lived and loved God each moment of their lives. The church puts up and canonised Saints to be our role models. It is wise to reflect on the lives they lead and try our very best to pattern our lives on theirs, without forgetting the culture and the time in history we are living in.

PHOTO Priests with cameras ipads and iphones Daily MailAt the recent Australian Catholic Communication Congress held in Sydney, at least two speakers encouraged everyone, mostly representatives of Catholic agencies, to always include digital natives in their teams. Although not fully surprised, it seems to me that many deem digital natives as the backbone of evangelisation in the digital continent.

IMAGE MacBook with BoyAs a parent and a digital immigrant who lives with young digital natives, I have come up with a list of how parents my age group could possibly encourage our children to be inspired about what we believe in while utilising the skills they have in this digital world. And although I find that new resources relevant to them are currently difficult to find, I am encouraged to find or create these resources that they will need in their pilgrimage on this earth.

Sr silvana dellanegraAs a teenager, my family belonged to a parish run by the Salesians of Don Bosco. We admired many of the seminarians, religious priests and nuns who worked in our parish. After all, their charisma and goal is to bring young people closer to Christ. We attended youth retreats, recollections and summer youth sports events, facilitated kids' groups such as (St Dominic) Savio Friends Club, joined the Parish Youth Choir, planned the liturgy for Children's Mass, prepared catechism classes, and animated the altar boys.

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