Tuesday, 29 November 2016 09:41

Walking on Water

Written by Shane Dwyer

IMAGE Walking on WaterAt first reading, the account of Jesus and Peter walking on the water is not immediately relevant to us in our daily lives. The ability to walk on the water may be a miraculous curiosity, perhaps serving to highlight our own lack of faith, but that isn’t telling us anything new. We already know that faith can be hard to come by. To understand this story we need first to understand that the Scriptures are primarily a revelation of who God is and who we are called to be in response to God. Through stories and events, songs and proverbs, letters and parables, the Holy Spirit of God is seeking to teach us about God and about ourselves.

So what might the walking on the water reveal to us about God and who we are in relation to God? Think of the boat. Think of the security it brings and the sense of being safe from the deep that it instills. Then recognise that in this story Jesus is not in the boat. He is present, he is coming towards us, but he is not sitting with us in our place of safety. Instead, he is standing away from us, challenging our assumptions about where he is and about where we should be. As individuals and as a Church we are often called to abandon our sources of comfort, to take the trek across the unknown, towards the one who alone can sustain us.

Isn’t it interesting that in this story Peter can walk on the water only as long as he keeps his eyes on Christ?