Australian Catholic Historical Society

The Australian Catholic Historical Society is a cultural organisation, founded in 1940, to encourage research, discussion and documentation on what Catholics (clergy, religious, lay persons and groups) have done over the years in Australia and also issues and events related to Catholic history. Where possible and appropriate the Society offers some information and advice, but is not in a postiion to undertake research tasks or archival searches as sometimes requested.

Monthly meetings of the Society have been held since 1940 at which papers representing a wide spectrum of interest have been presented. The Society also sponsors the ACHS MacGinley Award to encourage serious study of Australian Catholic history. The ACHS Journal publishes papers presented to the Society, book reviews and other matters of interest. A quarterly Newsletter is also published. Recent digital copies of these documents, the current speakers prograam, and other materials, a located on the ACHS website.
The Society is under the patronage of the Archbishop of Sydney and is affiliated with the Royal Australian Historical Society.


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