Catholic Faith Exploration (CaFE)

CaFE: A valuable resources which caters to a wide range of people

  • An introduction to non catholics and other denominational christians
  • Provides basic information and a source of encouragement for returning catholics and youth
  • Informative resource for catholic parenting, the mass, sacraments and evangelisation
  • Enriches faith in those who are well on their spiritual journey

CaFE products are produced by Catholic Evangelisation Services in UK, a legal entity owned, operated and copyrighted by CREW TRUST Charity No 277425 in the U.K. They were officially launched by Bishop Mark Coleridge eight years ago in Melbourne, at the Archdiocesan Offices, at a special gathering and after receiving full support and encouragement from Archbishop D. Hart.

“The need for education in faith for Catholics has never been greater – not just to enrich personal faith, but to equip the whole Church for  mission. That is why I am keen to recommend to you the CaFE program, which has already been a big help to  many people and parishes. The video on Baptism can help us all to explore more deeply our baptismal calling from which the Church’s mission comes. May CaFE provide for Catholics not just education but the energy of the Holy Spirit.”
Archbishop Denis Hart, Melbourne, Australia

“These days Catholic people need more and are hungering for more. The CaFE presentations have shown themselves a very effective parish-based way of leading people to see more of Jesus and understand more of what the Catholic Church believes and teaches. We need not just wishes or words but concrete strategies, and the CaFE programme is one of the best I know. I have no hesitation in recommending it far and wide.”
Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Canberra and Goulburn, Australia.


  • Features well known, knowledgeable presenters including Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Fr Stan Fortuna, Fr Raniero Cantalamessa (Preacher to the Papal Household)
  • Presentations are on DVDs so sessions can be held anytime, anywhere.
  • Casual and friendly environment
  • Cost reasonable as resources can be used in different ways

Life In the Spirit Seminars: 8-week course which facilitates a process of openness to new graces that God might give the participant.  The course ends with a prayer for a deeper spiritual dimension which, with the graces and gifts received from the Holy Spirit, will enable participants to undertake new roles in reaching out and serving others.

Prayer Groups: Responsible for the formation and nurturing of Prayer Groups.  Groups gather weekly for prayers, praise and worship. Emphasis is on the different gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Members in groups often end up evangelising in their homes and work place.

Activities include Intercessory Prayers, Healing Masses and Conferences for clergy as well as laity. Speakers are usually well known dynamic evangelists.  Evangelization and Healing Ministry which reaches out to those who are lost or broken to bring them into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Other resources include books, music and dvds.
We are also involved in Prison Ministry.


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