Community for a Better World

Community for a Better World in Australia is part of an international group of lay people married and single, bishops, religious men and women, deacons and priests of the Catholic Church. The group exists in order:

  • to promote the integral conversion of personal and collective consciences, of the relationships between persons, groups and nations, of the structures of human co-existence to the Reign of God and its demands.
  • to work so that all (persons, groups and institutions feel themselves more and more integrated into a broader reality and put themselves at the service of the universal good of the Church and of the world.
  • to promote an ever more intense and universal communion of the ecclesial and human community at all levels and in all sectors.
  • to be of service so that the Church as such lives in a state of permanent renewal and mission for the building of a better world according to God's plan

We offer Community Retreats of varying duration; Reflection/Sharing Sessions; Long-Term Processes of Transformation; Provision of Materials for use in groups and a Process for Theological Reading of the Signs of the Times


Contact Information
Fr. Michael Fallon
Ph: 0417 003 745
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.