Couples for Christ Australia

Couples for Christ Australia (CFCA) is a Christian family renewal ministry that is present in most states in Australia. It exists to serve the Catholic church through formation programs for couples, families, singles, youth and children, both for members and for Catholic parishioners all over Australia. Although the ministry started in the Philippines, CFCA is now committed to serve all the dioceses in Australia and be part of the local culture.

CFCA's charism is evangelisation, family life renewal and work for the poor.  The weekly or fortnightly household and small group prayer meetings enrich the spiritual and social life of the members through praise and worship, spiritual teachings, bible readings, faith sharing and fellowship.The community also has several annual mission projects for the disadvantaged in our society, local and overseas.


Families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth.


  1. Formation programs to sustain spiritual and Christian values of couples such as retreats, teachings recollections
  2. Family ministries, for kids aged 7-11 (Kids for Christ); youth aged 12-20 (Youth for Christ)
  3. Single adults aged 21-35 (Singles for Christ)
  4. Widows/widowers/divorced/separated/mature-aged men and women (Handmaids of the Lord/Servants of the Lord)
  5. Youth Camps
  6. Conferences for the different demographics and age groups
  7. Reaching out to the disadvantaged members in our society

Formation Programs offered to any Parish or Diocese in Australia: (No Cost)

1. Christian Life Program
2. Family Enrichment Program
3. Marriage Enrichment Program
4. Youth (Enrichment) Camps
5. Sacramental Program
6. Marriage Preparation Program

Couples for Christ (Australia) Global Mission Incorporated


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Office Contacts:

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