Discalced Carmelite Order

The Discalced Carmelite Order is made up of friars, nuns and secular members. In the Australia-Oceania Region, the friars have houses in Varroville, NSW; St Ives, NSW; and Morley, W.A. There are seven Carmels of nuns in Australia, two in New Zealand, and one each in Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga and Wallis Island. There are seven communities of the Secular Order throughout Australia, three in New Zealand and one in Samoa.

Carmelite spirituality is characterised by an intense thirst for an immediate and direct experience of God. Reduced to its most fundamental expression, Carmelite spirituality is centred on prayer, understood as loving friendship with God, and contemplation as the free gift of God.

Hence, Carmelite spirituality is focused on attention to one’s relationship with Jesus. This is expressed in various ways in the major sources of Carmelite spirituality, such as the Rule of St. Albert, the writings of the founders of Discalced Carmel Saints Teresa and John of the Cross, and indeed in the writings of all our Carmelite saints.

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