Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community

Disciples of Jesus is a Covenant Community which God has raised us up through the work of His Holy Spirit from the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. We believe that the Lord has called us together as a Community within the Catholic Church. 

Aspects of the Community 

Charismatic Grace: The Disciples of Jesus Community arose within the context of the Charismatic Renewal and has experienced constant outpourings of the Holy Spirit which leads to transformation of life and the use of charismatic gifts. The experience of Baptism in the Spirit and commitment to Christ are foundational to our way of life. 

Mission: The desire to bring people to know Jesus Christ is a consequence of His action in our individual and corporate lives, and an act of gratitude for His mercy towards us. The mission includes evangelisation, service and works of mercy. Check out individual locations for specific information on outreaches 

Relationship with the Church: We are a Catholic Community with canonical status and aim to be authentically Catholic and in submission to the Catholic Church. This is effected by having formal statutes with the Bishop/Catholic Fraternity. The Community is recognised locally as a Private Association of Christ's Faithful and as a member of the Pontifical Association of Christ's Faithful via the Catholic Fraternity. We seek to foster an ecumenical attitude in keeping with Catholic guidelines. 

Branches: The Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community is a body for people united in mutual commitment to each other. We have a vision to live out this commitment in branches. These branches are not autonomous, separate communities but groups of the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community. 

Leadership: The gift of leadership is exercised by men and women throughout the Community. Small groups and ministries have designated leaders who take responsibility for the proper function and vision of the group. 

Mutual Commitment: Mutual commitment provides stability for Community life. The process by which people join the Community and make a lifelong Covenant is subject to a process of mutual discernment and reflection. 

Sacramental and Spiritual Life: Members of the Community are encouraged to deepen their charismatic Catholic life and respond to the call to holiness in ways appropriate to their states of life. This would include daily prayer, regular participation in the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, spiritual reading and acts of service and ministry. 

Gathering: The General Community Gathering (GCG) is a regular gathering of Community members to centre on the Lord and to celebrate our life together. 

Brotherhood and Sisterhood: The development of brotherhood and sisterhood is essential to the life of the Community. We desire to foster strong, intimate relationships of brotherhood and sisterhood and we encourage those activities which achieve this goal. 

Small Groups: are a fundamental part of Community life. Every adult member of the Community is allocated to a small group which meets at least fortnightly. 

Individual Pastoral Care: Pastoral care is a consequence of an individual's stated desire to become a disciples of Jesus and it bears fruit depending on their openness and responsiveness. Pastoral care usually would be given fortnightly in the initial years of Community Life and at least monthly thereafter. 

Family Life: Families form the basis and provide the underlying stability to our common life. We honour single life in the Community and support its different expressions. We are also committed to fostering and supporting these vocations whenever they occur, whether privately or as members of the Missionaries of God's Love. 

Website: http://www.disciplesofjesus.org/

Contact Information

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