Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities (SA)

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities (SA) is an active voice for families with children  in South Australian Catholic schools.  It:

  1. Advocates the right to choose a Catholic education.  It also Advocates for funding and resources for Catholic education.
  2. Encourages and supports family engagement in education.
  3. Promotes and supports Catholic Education
  4. Builds valuable partnership between parents and key education stakeholders.
  5. Represents parent voice on key education forums contributing to the shaping of policy and practices.

Members of the parent communities of affiliated schools are eligible to nominate for membership on the Council of the Federation.  This is a voluntary.  Co-opted membership on Council is available to support the Council in specific issues.  Volunteers welcome to support the Federation's Office duties and responsibilities.

The Annual General Meeting is held before May 31st each year

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities (SA) also represents the parent voice at the national level through i) affiliation with the Australian Parent Council ii) representation on the national Catholic Education Commission Parent Committee

Website: www.parentfederation.catholic.edu.au

Contact Information
0407 394 732 or 08 8301 6685
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P.O. Box 459

121 George Street,