Mariana Community

Mariana Community are a  group of women in Australia who strive to live guided by the following Spirit Statement: 

"Mariana women, inspired by the discipleship of Mary, Pallotti and others, live lives of love in and for the world - acting justly, loving tenderly, and walking humbly with our God, as we respond to the call to transform all of creation."

After a formation time we have a Consecration Ceremony at which we pledge to live loving God and others with the help of the promises of chastity, poverty and obedience according to the Mariana way of life. The individuals’ giftedness influences the way each member takes responsibility for putting this commitment into practice. 

Since our beginnings in 1957 we have been a group that has developed our understanding of what it is to live as single consecrated women in the Church and in society. We support each other through our prayer life, our liturgical celebrations of particular feasts and our gatherings together. Individually, members are responsible for their own finances, employment, living arrangements, and retirement. Members follow a range of occupations but always endeavour to witness to the love of God in all spheres of their lives.


Contact Information
We currently have members in three States. Most are in Melbourne where we had our origins. We are an autonomous member body of the Union of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottine Family), having worldwide links.

Cheryl Sullivan
Phone: (03) 9416 7138

Mariana Community