Mother of God Brothers

The Brother's chief apostolate is to spread the Gospel of Christ as it can be experienced in fill sacramental communion in the Church Our Lord founded. 

Secondly, they aim to provide Christian communities for persons in need, and promote Christian community lifestyles.

The concern of the Brothers for justice and the welfare of every human being has led the Brothers to take an active part in the pro-life cause. Several of the Brothers have led a vigil outside one of the biggest abortion chambers in Sydney for a period of over four years and still continue to protest at the slaughter of the innocents in the womb. 

The Brothers evangelise in a direct but sensitive way. They approach young people in parks and streets and ask if they are interested in talking about Christ and the Catholic faith. Sometimes they have worked with other evangelical groups like the Legion of Mary and talked to people in hotels, clubs and on beaches about Christ. They have discussed the Catholic faith with members of other Christian groups. Often a very fruitful dialogue has occurred. Usually the person who stops to talk with the Brothers is given a Catholic Enquiry Centre card and encouraged to see a priest if he wishes to find out more about Christ and His Church. He is also invited to keep in touch with the Community if he wishes. 

At times the Brothers have conducted parish visitations and State schools catechesis.


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Contact Information
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Rosary House 
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