Parish and Marriage Resource Centre (PRMC)

PMRC (Australia) is active in the marriage and pre-marriage education fields.

It offers Celebrate Love, a 2 day seminar for married couples, in various locations throughout Australia. 

For engaged couples, it runs the Embrace program, which is offered in a couple to couple mentoring format over 6 weeks, as well as in a group intensive (1.5 days on the weekend). 

PMRC hosts a bi-annual conference titled The Renaissance of Marriage, which attracts international keynote speakers on marriage and faith formation and over 150 delegates. 

For Catholic families, PMRC produces a monthly e-magazine titled CathFamily, with information on family prayers, rituals and activities for Catholic Families. 

The e-magazine is also supplemented by a rich array of on-line resources for Catholic families. Visit

For youth, PMRC operates Antioch, a parish based ministry of youth to youth for ages 16 - 23


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