Rainbows for the Children of Australia

Rainbows for the Children of Australia, founded in 1993, is a grief support, harm prevention charity for children, adolescents and adults who are confronting a significant loss or painful transition in their lives.

Recognising that children, adolescents and adults need and deserve someone they can trust to help guide them through the process of loss and grief, Rainbows provides peer support programmes in schools and communities, that are facilitated by a trained adult.

Rainbows is an intervention and support program that addresses the areas of depression, loss and grief, family break-down, suicide prevention, deliberate self-harm and parenting skills.


Rainbows provides accredited training for all volunteers to prepare them for the commitment of assisting bereaved youth. Rainbows supports all volunteers and accredited sites to sustain the quality delivery of service to youth through our worldwide network of Registered Directors.  It is for clinicians and non-clinicians.  The Registered Directors who train are in a position to become part of the national body.

Website: www.rainbows.org.au  

Contact Information
Gemma Schooneveldt
Phone: (03) 9587 4535
Mob: 0438 533 332
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