Sisters of St John of God

The Sisters of St John of God is a congregation of religious women within the Roman Catholic Church. We were founded in 1871 when a group of women responded to an invitation by Thomas Furlong, the Bishop of Ferns in County Wexford, Ireland, to minister to the sick and destitute people of his diocese.

Our Patron

Following in the spirit of our Founders and our Patron, St John of God, we are women concerned with people and their needs.  We take initiatives, promoting life to the full for all by our hospitality and compassion as we discover creative ways to meet the constantly changing circumstances in today‚Äôs world. 

The spirit of the Congregation is very much that of our Founders and our Patron. "Down to earth" and "uniquely human" are frequently used by others to describe Sisters of St John of God, as we endeavour to find ways and means to live out the ideals we commit ourselves to by vows.


Immersed in God's love and compassion for all creation, we relate to all people and to Planet Earth in a ways that are mutually transforming.  We collaborate with others in creating and sustaining a just world, where all may experience the loving face of God. 

Sisters of St. John of God commit themselves to:  

  • live contemplatively in a way that will energise and shape our life and ministry. 
  • be in relationship, in ways that are mutually transforming, with vulnerable people, especially those who are materially poor. 
  • a reverent relationship with and caring responsibility for Planet Earth.

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