The Grail

The Grail in Australia is part of an international movement and community of women who share the same vision. We are diverse in age, ethnicity and experience, in different life situations and with a variety of gifts and skills.

We are engaged in our world in many ways: in the workplace and family life; through creative arts and crafts; in community building; pastoral care; neighbourhood environment projects; civil society actions; in ecumenism and interfaith dialogue; accompanying refugees and migrants on their journey in a new country; being with indigenous people in their search for recognition and reconciliation; in study, reflection and prayer.

The National Grail Centre is located in Sydney. There are active Regional Groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and North Queensland. Regional groups meet monthly for reflection and planning.



Grail Sydney Centre - 'Avila'
22 McHatton St
North Sydney NSW 2060

(02) 9955 3053


(03) 9548 9432


(07) 3371 7176


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