Towards Healing

Towards Healing gives effect to various commitments which were made by the bishops and leaders of Religious Institutes to establish a compassionate and just system for dealing with complaints of abuse. 

The main purpose of Towards Healing is to assist the complainant to find healing, and where possible, to experience some measure of reconciliation with the Church.  Its purpose therefore is primarily a pastoral one. 

The Towards Healing process is not a legal one.  Should people wish to take their complaints to the police or other civil authorities, they are strongly urged to do so. 

Towards Healing also outlines strategies to assist in the prevention of abuse. 

Each state has a Director of Professional Standards and a Professional Standards Resource Group to advise and assist in matters concerning professional standards. 

Pursuant to the protocols of the document Towards Healing, there is a National Committee for Professional Standards established by the Catholic bishops and leaders of Religious Institutes to oversee the development of policy, principles and procedures in responding to Church-related abuse complaints. 

For more details regarding the process, please refer to the document: Towards Healing - Principles and procedures in responding to complaints of abuse against personnel of the Catholic Church of Australia. You can obtain this by contacting the office or visiting the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference website at


Contact Information:

New South Wales 1300 369 977

Tasmania 1800 356 613

Northern Territory 0418 736 890

Victoria 1800 816 030

Queensland 1800 337 928

Western Australia 1800 072 390

South Australia 1800 139 020