Young Men of God

Young Men of God (YMG) is a Catholic movement of young men witnessing to the world. We're regular guys: students, young professionals. tradies, teachers. We come from many different cultures and walks of life but we're good mates because we believe in the power of brotherhood and the value of sharing ideas, talents, resources and time to support and strengthen one another on the journey. This is who we are, and empowered by the truth our mission is to witness genuine strength and goodness to the world.

Here’s what our core Brotherhood activities look like: 

Small Groups

Small groups get together regularly to break open Gods Word and chat about ideas and experiences on various aspects of life. These groups are an opportunity for a deeper connection with other brothers, and to provide each other with the support and encouragement we need along our journey.


Throughout the year we put on various social events, depending on the season. These are always a great opportunity to just catch up with other brothers in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Sport is a favourite, as well as catching up for dinner or a coffee. 

Annual Conference

The high point of the YMG calendar is our annual conference. This powerful weekend attracts men from all around Australia and over the years has transformed many men’s lives.We are treated to a host of dynamic and insightful speakers, which are complemented with various activities such as sport, meals, small groups and of course…a visit or two to the beach! 

Formation Weekend

These weekend programs are tailored to complement and add to the work of the conference in empowering and equipping men in their ongoing journey of faith. It’s kind of like a mid-year faith boost! Again, the weekends also involves times of fellowship. 

Social Justice Initiatives

Men of God are men of action! Throughout the year YMG have various opportunities to put our faith in action and serve those who need a bit of a helping hand.

Our latest ministry has been at a drug and alcohol rehab centre where we serve the guys dinner and spend some time getting to know them. As is usually the case, our experience of service is that we receive more richly and find it far more rewarding than any effort we have put in!


Contact Information
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