Youth Mission Team Australia

Youth Mission Team Australia is a non-profit charity organisation and one of the leading Catholic youth ministries in the country.  Focused on the critical areas of faith and character development in Australian teenagers, YMT has pioneered a new style of peer to peer youth outreach, being the first of its kind to originate in 1986.  

YMT's headquarters is based in Wollongong, NSW.  It operates four ministry teams throughout Australia based in Sydney, Melbourne, Wollongong and Perth.  

To encourage young people to discover and embrace a heartfelt, intimate friendship with Christ that becomes the very well-spring of every aspect of their daily lives and directly impacts the development of their character.  Also igniting a passion to discover and fulfill their God given life purpose, actively participating in the Church, today and growing into the Church of tomorrow


Contact Information
Please visit the Contact Us page on our website for current local contact details in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Wollongong

Ph: (02) 4284 6600
Fax: (02) 4284 6622
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PO BOX 516
Corrimal NSW 2518