Tips for Evangelisation

ImageThings to do to better evangelise.

  1. Dedicate a little more time to prayer so you have more to give to others
  2. Share a smile with a stranger on the bus, in the playground or in the workplace
  3. Pass on to a friend a book, CD, DVD or web link about the Catholic faith
  4. Carry out an act of service to someone in need
  5. Ask in prayer each day that you may have an occasion to share your faith with another person – and then be ready to respond when you meet them!
  6. Invite a non-practicing family member or friend to attend Mass with you
  7. Discuss with friends their opinion on a given topic or current issue after researching the Church teachings on that subject
  8. Invite a neighbour over for afternoon tea and a chat
  9. If you meet someone who has left the Church, be compassionate and willing to listen and support them without judging them.
  10. Be the best son/daughter, wife/husband, sister/brother or friend that you can be.

Some other possibilities

  • Proudly wear a cross or other symbol of your faith
  • Invite the Catholics (active and inactive) in your street or neighbourhood to a meal or social gathering
  • Offer to pray for a co-worker, family member, friend who has shared some personal concern
  • Be honest and just in all your business dealings
  • Celebrate your patron saint and important feast days
  • Read a range of Catholic magazines, books, newspapers
  • Share with another person a helpful insight about your life gained from reading the Bible
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